Replacing missing teeth that may have been lost due to gum disease, dental infection or trauma is one of the best things you can do for your oral health.

Bridges are either supported by a crown at each side or a healthy tooth. They are one of the most cost effective solutions for addressing tooth loss and your bridge will be created to look and feel like it is part of your mouth and smile anatomy.

Who is the ideal candidate for a bridge?

Dental bridges are fixed bespoke restorations that replace up to 3 consecutive lost teeth in a row. If you are missing more than 3 teeth, we may suggest dentures as an alternative solution.

Candidates most suited to dental bridges will have teeth that are structurally healthy on either side of the gap, as these will act as the foundation for the bridge.

How will getting a bridge benefit me?

  • Your capacity to chew food efficiently will drastically improve.
  • Any speech difficulties that have occurred due to teeth being lost will resolve.
  • Neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap will be prevented from drifting out of position.
  • Your teeth will be easier to look after.
  • You will find that smiling and showing off your teeth in public feels normal again.
  • Bridges are highly reliable restorations that have been used in dentistry for decades.

What can I expect when getting a dental bridge created and fitted?

All tooth replacement treatments begin with a consultation, to determine your suitability for treatment. Once you have approved our proposed treatment plan, we can begin to execute your treatment.


Impressions of your teeth are taken, and the size and shape of your existing teeth are examined. This information is passed on to the dental technician, who can use this to produce a bespoke bridge that will look and feel authentic.

Temporary bridge

Your bridge should take an estimated 2 weeks to come back to our dental practice here in Blackwood. During this time, we will give you a temporary bridge to wear.

Fitting your permanent bridge

Your permanent bridge is fitted, replacing your temporary bridge.

How long do bridges last?

Your bridge is created with skill and artistry; it will be made to last, providing you care for it correctly. We will demonstrate how to clean your bridge during your appointment. A well-crafted restoration such as a bridge should last for over 10 years, as long as you come in for regular check-ups and adhere to a good oral hygiene routine at home.

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